Why world(bank) needs safety officer, health and safety engineer, safety manager

Safety officer | health and safety engineer | safety manager

Everybody would have read the above title and aware of the mentioned designation but If you look in to these designations definitely it might have imprinted on your mind when browsing recruitment websites and job classifieds showing jobs and ads related to safety officer,health and safety engineer, safety manager

Frequency of interview for designations like Safety officer, health and safety engineer, safety manager is more concentrated towards gulf, uk, usa and most of the economically forward countries and to be precise the trend of these recruitment has considerably increased in the past decades.

Reason for these trends is entirely on World bank.

Safety officer, health and safety engineer
world bank and infrastructure projects

World bank?????? Yeah you heard it correctly

So, you may think How World bank increased recruitment trends in Safety officer, health and safety engineer, safety manager


it’s not only because of world bank but it’s the coalition between World health organisation (WHO), International labour organization (ILO) and World Bank

Many governments all over the world approach world bank for bank loans to upgrade and boost their infrastructure and other billion-dollar construction projects so world bank has put up a set of conditions that prevail in the projects that would automatically increase the demands for safety officer, health and safety engineer, safety manager

To be precise world bank would ask the corresponding customer (government bodies) to allocate funds for safety and makes an audit at random intervals and approval of bank loans are entirely dependent on it,so the governing bodies have no other option other than allocating and using resources for safety.Hence implementing the same resulted in the requirement of Safety officer, health and safety engineer, safety manager and became mandatory

So why the world bank would do that?

Why world bank is interested in safety of the workers?

Its all because of the new push for the universal social protection agenda by ILO.ILO and world bank have teamed up to boost shared prosperity in the world by 2030.

What’s the role of WHO then?

The ILO and the WHO signed Agreement for creating joint methodology for estimating the work-related burden of disease and injury at workplaces and preparation of corresponding estimates.

The Agreement pointed towards sharing common goals and objectives regarding safety and health at work and constantly improving the measurement and monitoring of the health impacts of occupational risk factors in support of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Certifications leading to Safety officer, health and safety engineer, safety manager

Most of the companies prefer either graduation or masters from industrial safety from a approved university or from the industry preferred institutes

But still people from other educational background can work as a safety officer/engineer by holding either a graduate or a diploma with safety certifications like IGC (Level 3) from NEBOSH,IOSH,ICRA,ROSPA,etc,.

International diploma level 6 with considerable on field experience can make you a safety manager

NEBOSH and IOSH has brought several changes in their level 3 and level 2 certifications respectively like open book test and online test.hence,it has become very easy to attain theses certifications

Role of Safety officer, health and safety engineer, safety manager

  • Inspect the workplace
  • Detect hazards
  • Advise the company management of the issue
  • Devise a plan to effectively deal with the situation
  • Offering tips and advice to workers 
  • Structure the work environment to reduce the likelihood of injury from employees tripping or falling on the job.


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