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Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Dubai is often called as the land of opportunity and the business hub of western Asia is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Whoever wants gulf jobs mostly prefer to move to Dubai citing the infrastructures and tourist friendly adaptive culture prevailing in the emirates. Dubai jobs are wider and ranges from helper to engineers. Let’s briefly get in to gulf jobs/Dubai jobs.

Dubai jobs | Gulf jobs

When many find difficult to survive in their home country irrespective of their education, Dubai is definitely a land of opportunity who prefer to earn, considering the tax-free salary compared to American, European and other Asian counterparts. Even people immigrating to Canada,US,UK and Australia can’t save as much as the people who work in middle east considering the tax and cost of living, moreover quality of life is not that bad but education and permanent resident option is vulnerable.

dubai jobs | Gulf jobs
Dubai jobs

Landing on Dubai jobs aka gulf jobs

Coming to the point, how do you land or get a job in Dubai? Well the answer is simple apply for Dubai jobs/gulf jobs and clear the interview.


Do you think I am kidding? Well definitely not, there are several companies who land in your country through consultancies for the interview, if not pick a flight and land there.

Does it sound simple!!!

Yes, it is……

Statistically speaking most of the migrants from Kerala are the ones who go for a Dubai visits just for the sake of interview and nearly 70% are successful and who were unsuccessful will go for a one more….

 visa and other paper works are relatively simple for a visit visa, easy cheesy…….

Keep in mind, legally you are not entitled to work with a tourist or visit visa but immigration in Dubai is not so strict that they would deport you if they smell you are a job hunter. Dubai promote tourism and they welcome everyone who has valid papers, but country like Singapore would cross check the marital status,funds,travel history,work history and even they would enquiry your itinerary plan. You have around 80% chance to be deported if you are planning to land single in Singapore even with valid visa (tourist visa).

All Dubai jobs cannot be lucrative or the one you prefer but definitely opportunity strikes when you land and move in a desired path .so how to get a job in Dubai, read with patience

Gulf jobs |Trick to find my Dubai jobs

Never print your old resume/cv and move to Dubai, because your mobile number is the key for opportunity. Your local address and contact number plays a vital role.

Online browsing of Dubai jobs in indeed,Naukri,linkedin may pay off and if lucky can get you some call backs but prefer to sweat it out, go out and  move around like you were in a shopping spree where you come out with a baggage of remuneration

Paper ads!!!!! Feel like You are in the good olden days? this trick definitely pays off and every experienced job seeker suggests the same.

If you are confused?????

 I am not talking about the recruitment ads that comes in the classifieds, paper ads are about posting your availability for Dubai jobs/gulf jobs in a specific desired role. Definitely it is costly but not that costly that would dent your wallet.

I believe I said the trick

Yeah, this single trick will do wonders so why wait pack your bags and book your tickets ……

Wait…wait…. its corona out there stay home stay safe











Thanks for believing me

That’s not the end of the world

Dubai is back to its new normal and slowly getting paced to where it was before Covid-19

Dubai jobs after covid-19

As said before Dubai is pacing in to the new normal but job market is still sedated

Dubai jobs in the tourism sector has definitely took a hit and still many being laid off but situation is not same in the construction sector where there is a shortage of manpower. Still Dubai jobs for the locals/migrants are yet out there and companies prefer them…

How about the IT sector? Well they work from home…….

Pandemic has really brought a lot of change in several sectors but core sectors will still move in the same mode after covid-19, everybody would think there’s going to be a job constraint after covid-19 but mark my word and hold this article, there’s going to be a bunch of opportunities at once when international flights resume back in India and other countries

Guys who are shy to travel and take risk, who is in the current job but doesn’t want to travel for the sake of interview can wait till next year since our financial hub Maharashtra is struggling to get back to normal. Mumbai plays a vital role in gulf jobs/Dubai jobs, because most of the gulf interview happens primarily in Mumbai compared to other cities.

That’s the wrap

don’t panic

pandemic will end

stay home stay safe

wait for the right cord

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