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HSE assignment abroad times focuses on HSE professionals who are looking for opportunities in abroad.
It provide details of all available HSE focussed interviews for Managers,Engineers and Officers happening in different cities of India.
We acts as a medium of providing interview details in a single umbrella.
HSE assignment abroad times focus on providing verified interview details from several resources available in the market.
The ultimate aim of the HSE assignment abroad is to minimize the effort of individuals in searching HSE opportunities which are scattered in several corners in the form of informations.
we collect the informations and categories to the individuals as per the requirement.
You can move as per the interview locations which are nearby or if already planned to move to the specific destination which you have already planned.



HSE assignment abroad  times categorized the HSE vacancies as per the designation , you can browse the available  abroad interview details by clicking above designations.


We categorized the HSE vacancies as per the job location , you can browse the available abroad interview details by clicking above locations.


Vacancies in above cities are prioritized based on the frequency of interviews happening in the corresponding city.Interview details are curated in each city.
Professionals who are in the corresponding city or nearby can click the required location and get the details of available interviews.
We all prefer attending interview in our hometown or the nearby location. Those who stay in the metro cities, hunting jobs is not that difficult considering the mobility.
People who stay in northern, western and eastern corners of India has only one option to attend interview that is to travel all the way to mumbai,because Mumbai is the hub for gulf interviews in India.
People who stay in southern corner can travel to Cochin and Chennai respectively.
There are several lodges in Mumbai near the metro train areas which can give a package to stay for months including food.
Even the people from south too can target mumbai,beacause frequency of gulf interview in mumbai is more than any other region.
so pack your bags for job hunting.


1. Search designation based abroad assignment in HSE by following this link.
You may be an officer,engineer or may wish to upgrade your designation ,hence by selecting HSE Manager/HSE Engineer/HSE officer/Fire watch in the above mentioned link in HSE assignment abroad, you  will end up in posts related to the desired designation in HSE assignment abroad.

2. Search abroad assignment in locations like Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,Oman and Muscat by following this link.Selecting your desired location will show the jobs and interview location for the respective country in HSE assignment abroad.

3. you can attend interview in your desired or nearby cities by following this link, you  can opt to choose between Mumbai/Chennai/Cochin/Other  in  HSE assignment abroad.

We are not affiliated to any Recruiters, Employers or Manpower Consultants in any manner. Before we  post any kind of vacancies in our website, we do a little research over the internet, especially on the website “”.

we try to verify the authenticity of the Recruiters from other websites and resources but still it is not a fool proof method and there may be errors in information we have verified. 

Further to that please note that we are not responsible for any fraudulent behavior or acts from any recruiters who post in our website.

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